Suppose that an asteroid in near-earth orbit is on a collision course towards Earth

Its orbit and mass are known to an adequate degree of accuracy, but funds must be allocated by Congress so that the executive branch can develop the means to direct that asteroid away from its fatal course.
The Supreme Court has determined that the people of the United States trust God, and a majority of the Congress believes that the U.S. should not interfere with God's will. No action is being taken, either by Congress or the executive branch, which also defers to acts of God.
Atheists contest the inaction of Congress by suing the executive branch, asking the courts to overrule both Congress and the executive branch to protect Earth from a destructive impact by that asteroid, but the courts decide that atheists do not have standing on the grounds that their beliefs are inconsistent with the Constitution, and nor do they or any other species of plants or animals have standing to sue, because they have no religion.
Protective action is therefore left up to Russia and Vladimir Putin, because  that nation's leaders have no fear of God. However, Russia does not have the technical means or funds to develop any protective action, so they use what funds they do have to modify the outcome of the U.S. elections so as to elect a government who also does not fear God. Protective action is thereby assured, and Earth is saved from the religious beliefs of the U.S. people. Therefore, our president becomes more powerful than God because of the benevolence of Vladimir Putin and the people of Russia.